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Disclaimer: For over 20 years I have been curing cancer. I have found the one and only remedy, and it is Gods/Natures Cure. You are created to be healthy, happy and successful. You are not supposed to suffer for the financial profit of the pharmaceutical industry or medical profession or the power-and money-hungry American Cancer Society and all of their pawns in politics, the media or self-help groups.  It is my opinion that the main goal of government agencies like the FTC or FDA (they have to legally be dissolved, and fast!), and other organizations is to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical and medical industry. We have to wake up and take charge of our own health! They definitely do not have our best interests in mind or they would never have made laws or regulations stating that only a drug can treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any illness or conditionthat is in itself absurd. No drug ever cured or prevented any disease ever! So they knowingly set us up to suffer, pay and ultimately die. I am telling you that the only one that can prevent or cure any disease is you! (Or God or Nature as based on your personal beliefs.) I have personally experienced, for over 30 years now, that every illness can be cured, but not every patient can be cured since some people subconsciously want to die or are just not willing to do what it takes to be healthy.

Legal disclaimer:

Unfortunately, we live in a world of sue-happy idiots and paid destructive groups, corrupt politicians and privately owned media, so I have to legally tell you: This book and its contents do not cure, prevent, diagnose or treat any disease or condition! (Only your own self-healing powers can do that.) The only purpose of this book is educational, for research and entertainment. If you have, or think you may have, any health condition or disease, see a competent, authorized health practitioner (if you can find one) and do not attempt any of the techniques, ideas, knowledge, suggestions or comments in this book without consulting the health professional of your choice first. The author, the publisher, and everybody involved in the creation, publication, and sale of this book do not take responsibly for any outcome or result from the use of the information in this book. Please be advised that the entire content of this book is solely the opinion of the author. Nearly everybody in the orthodox medical field disagrees with almost everything said in this book, along with the ideas, techniques, and systems published herein. I, the author, don’t really care!  Why? Because I have the results to show, and can reproduce cancer cures anytime I want if I would be given the legal authority to practice my IBMS.

In my experience cancer can be cured in 2 weeks to 4 months unless too much damage has already been done by the treatment of poison, cut and burn of the orthodox medical profession, or if the patient is not willing or capable to do whatever it takes to experience true heath. In cases where the patient is already far too damaged by the health challenges he or she endures, the techniques may not work but in my experience that is very rare. So, it’s up to you and your God-given rights; your right of free will, your right to choose, your right of self-defense, and all the wonderful rights our great constitution has given us to do whatever we choose! But you have to do this at your own risk and responsibly, and accept the consequences of your decision and actions. We do not take any responsibly for anything you decide to do.  Any cure you experience is solely because of you the reader. You are the only one responsible for your own success or failures based on your actions.

FTC, FDA, etc. Disclaimer:

My legal team tells me you don’t have any jurisdiction outside of Washington DC and that you don’t have any order of deferred authority. I don’t know if this is true or not and I really don’t care because I do not trade in any form or do not sell anything. The entire content of this book has been previously published in different languages and is protected by national trade agreements, etc. Most of the original copyrights are with NAPS University Verlag GMBH Europe. I am exercising my right as an author and my right of free speech. The entire content of this book is 100% based on my personal experiences and opinions and I do not claim any acceptation of any industry or any part of government or make any claims of facts. All other authors that contributed to this book simply state their own opinions and conclusions based on their experience and are responsible for their own publication within this work. Dr. Leonard Coldwell and/or the publisher do not take any responsibility for the publications and use of the individual author’s information by the reader, or the other authors in this book.

To the clowns out there acting as if they were a legitimate government: I do not consent to you having any kind of jurisdiction over me or my work. I do not give you my consent to contact me directly or indirectly. I do not consent to your courts’ authority or your corporation regulations or company policies which have no power over me. I do not consent to your admiralty courts or being contacted or trialed by them. I am a free man living on the land and do not consent to be trialed by admiralty or martial law. I insist on the application of common law and only accept trial by jury in a common law procedure and by the court of record. So you get it? I do not consent to anything that you the corporation or the ones acting for the corporation imposing to by our rulers or dictators or for that matter a lawful government. To me, you are not and keep the Washington DC-based corporate employees and their unlawful actions away from me. I will use all lawful means to protect my common law rights. My legal team tells me that every US of America corporation employee acts in his own name and authority and is not protected by any immunization from personal and criminal responsibilities or lawsuits if they step out of the framework of what their job allows them lawfully to do (That is what my legal team confirmed to me). Whatever I do or say now or in the future, does not mean I give you jurisdiction over me or my matters. I will never give you jurisdiction or consent to anything. You do not have any consent to anything regarding me, I will never give you and further, you do you have any jurisdiction or authority over me or my matters.  No FBI, FTC or FDA etc has any jurisdiction over me as a free citizen of the Republic. The constitution is the supreme law of the land and every law, rule, act etc that is unconstitutional, has no enforceable lawful value. The only jurisdictions are my unalienable rights and the constitution of we the people and the bill of rights. Get it guys? I do not consent to anything regarding you! This is the conclusion of extensive research of my legal team and I trust they are right. UCC1.207   Although the author, has attempted to give a profound understanding of the topics discussed and to ensure accuracy and completeness of all information, it is for informative purposes only. The author, the publisher, and everybody involved with the publication, distribution or sale assume no responsibility. Dr. Leonard Coldwell does not trade or sell anything in any way shape or form.

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