About Dr Leonard Coldwell’s performances,
recognitions, received endorsements and appearances in the USA:

Dr. Coldwell was the celebrated Key Note Speaker for the “Support for the Troops” event at The Joe Riley Stadium with over 5000 attendees. His speech was broadcasted worldwide live over all Clear Channel stations. His speech was so inspiring and motivational that it was replayed countless times. The same success is true for his 1-hour radio show on talk radio. Dr. Coldwell trained the Security Staff, therapist, and firefighters at the Naval Weapons Station on stress reduction, post-traumatic stress syndrome and motivation. After 9/11 Dr. Coldwell worked without payment to support World Trade Center victims and their Families, Firefighters, Police, and Military.

Dr. Coldwell gave benefit seminars for the 9/11 relief found. He closed his “Time Out Stress Reduction Center” for a period of time so that firefighters, military and police members could use the Stress reduction system at no charge. He Created the CD “Pride of America” as a benefit production for 9/11 victims. The CD was in popular demand and a huge success on many radio stations around the country. Dr. Coldwell is the founder of the Foundation for Drug and Crime Free Schools and Health for Children. Dr. Coldwell received recognition and thank you letters from the White House, US President George W. Bush and the US Congress.

Clinical Division: Fleet Family support center
Dr. Bowersox MD the leading expert for Fibromyalgia
The International Massage Association ( largest in the world )
Policy Holders of America 3 million members
ABC News
Post and Courier
Joe Pagano though his company Nobel Prize winner in Medicine
Carson Beatle Chairman of the white house endorsed Health Project
Clear Cannel Communications
Pilates of Charleston
Lifequest Gyms
Charleston chiropractic center John Fitzgerald, DC
Charleston Pilates
Harvey Diamond Author of the most sold diet book ever
US Veterans
Tri-County Firefighters
Universal Formulas
Dr Bowersox MD, Leading Fibromyalgia expert
Jack Laminar Hall of Fame Member
Mother Earth Minerals
Master Group
Isle of Palms Invitational
Ben Gazarra Hollywood star
Ed Mc Cabe New York Times best-selling author
Countless other Newspapers, TV stations, and Radio channels
Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Leonard Coldwell is the most endorsed and recommended natural health expert!

Special recognition and appreciation from:
Congressmen Joe Wilson:

” Best wishes to my good friend Dr. Leonard Coldwell, appreciate your promotion of Democracy! Warmest Regards Joe Wilson Member of Congress. ”
As well as from: Senator Lindsay Graham, Congressmen Brown

Joe Riley Major of Charleston
Governor Mark Sandford
Consul Dr. Dieter F. Kindermann
Marin Jetter Director of IBM
Dr. Reinfried Pohl DVAG CEO-owner of the largest private finance company
Dr. Klaus Jung Leading Finance expert company
Dr. Holger Crone MD

And countless others

Dr. Leonard Coldwell:
9 times Best-selling author
247 self-help programs on Tape
3 newspaper columns
Thousands of publications
Author of the most successful Newsletter in Europe “The Success Consultant”
President for the Dr Leonard Coldwell Foundation
Founder of the Foundation for Drug and Crime Free Schools and Health for Children
President and Founder of the World Wellness Organization
Founder of the Modern Therapy Centers of Europe
Founder of “Time Out Stress Reduction Center”
Over 7 million readers
Over 2.2 million seminar attendees.

Institutions that ask for a presentation of Dr. Coldwell’s system:
NASA, World Bank, Department of Human resources, Firefighters, Military; Police