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As we get older we become more interested in ways to look younger and to increase our life expectancy. However, looking into healthy living should have started at the beginning of life and not at or near the end of the lifespan. Compiled life expectancy rates help us get a picture of overall health of people of various countries. Longevity means long life and we do have some influence over how long we live. Living healthy will impact how long you live and the quality of life and the sooner you start that healthy lifestyle the fewer problems youll have down the road.  At the age of sixty we cant all look as young as Dick Clark, however there are ways to naturally stave off the aging process for as long as your DNA code will allow.


World history is full of legends, mysteries and folk lore searching and promoting ways to increase the human lifespan. Organ transplants and Cryogenics is a modern attempt to the fountain of youth.  How long are we suppose to live? Verifying someones age over 100 takes digging for records past 1906, which can be difficult to find. The scientific guess is that our current maximum lifespan is about 120 years with the average person living to 83 years. If this is accurate, we are doing a whole lot wrong to cheat ourselves out of 37 years. However, if you believe the CDC the life expectancy of Americans is increasing based on the death rates have decreased.  The CDC is saying that age-related death has decreased significantly regarding 8 of the15 leading causes of death;  cancer, heart disease, accidents, diabetes, flu, blood pressure and assaults. I personally dont believe this as fact. What I think is that allopathic treatments for such disease are not cures but are merely a delay of the inevitable.


It can be interesting and even eye-opening to discover how long the people of different cultures live. For instance, there was a significant gap between whites and blacks in American from 1983 to 1993 but the gap got smaller from 1993 to 2000. The correlating data was complicated but in a nut shell it came down to heart disease, injuries, infant mortality and homicide. According to a 2010 report in New York Times, 39 million Americans currently 65 or older by 2030 they hypothesize this number will increase by 50% to 79 million. You have to wonder about the quality of life for our aging population. Nearly 35% over 85 no longer have their natural teeth and the men are fourteen times more likely to commit suicide. World governments use such statistics to promote their propaganda and to also use in health care systems. I dont mean to be pessimistic, however the baby boomer generation is getting older (of which I am one) plus the average person looks to allopathic medicine for expensive healthcare answers and therefore I dont see our lifespan increasing but do see it decreasing.  If you are waiting for drug companies to come up with a pill made from the antioxidants of green tea or red wine to increase longevity, youll be waiting awhile. While you wait, have a cup of green tea or a little red wine. Keep in mind that it you take all the relevant factors the have influenced health such as improved sanitation, refrigeration, advances in medicine it still doesnt change the data that life tapers off at around 100. This means, the average lifespan may have increased but the maximum lifespan has not. As long as we have government run healthcare or any benefits for those retired, you will never see maximum lifespan increase.


You can maximize your personal lifespan now with just a few tweaks of the diet and including more of the following nutrition. Overall health experts agree that if we eat more foods containing anti-aging nutrition that we will be healthier overall and can live longer. The general guideline include; more organic fiber, (antioxidant) beta-carotene rich foods, live enzymes and phyto-nutrients in raw foods, natural (not synthetic) vitamin C & E, selenium, zinc, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, copper & manganese, magnesium and calcium to name just a few. Processed foods dont have this nutrition, so cook from scratch.


It is a miracle from God that some herbs have life-extension nutrition, which is essential especially in our old age. Plenty of research has published the antioxidant protection of milk thistle, ginkgo and grape seeds. There are a few more powerful herbs that if taken regularly will put you miles ahead of the Medicare crowd.

Garlic Not only will garlic normalize cholesterol levels, it will help with blood pressure, protect you from free radicals, blood vessel damage and deter blood clots. Some research indicates that garlic may help prevent cancer.

Ginger I love ginger to improve digestive imbalance (nausea, vomiting). Ginger also improves blood flow to the digestive system and helps circulation reach small capillaries in the extremities and brain. Essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals are important for health and ginger enhances the absorption of these nutrients.

Ginkgo– Everyone has heard how ginkgo helps to improve memory but few understand how it accomplishes this. This herb will accumulate in brain tissue. Several studies using ginkgo revealed it helps to improve brain function such as; alertness, mood, memory, concentration and cognitive function. The studies also noticed that patients with a history of headaches or vertigo also had lessened or removed these symptoms. Other studies showed that ginkgo protects cell membranes from damage.

Ginseng (either Korean or Chinese) has a history of helping us stay young and active. It is often referred to as the longevity herb. In China the elderly are rarely without their ginseng. How does ginseng do that? Science suspects that ginseng boosts our estrogen and testosterone levels, which boost our energy levels and improves digestion.

Hawthorn berries These berries are known for their protective benefit for the heart muscle and overall vascular system. If taking hawthorn berries regularly it improves blood flow through the heart muscle, which also improves oxygen delivery to the heart and strengthens it. If the Heart Association wants to decrease heart disease rates in America they should promote this herb and a healthy diet.

Milk Thistle By now you have heard that milk thistle will help regenerate the liver. It is the powerful antioxidants in this herb, which concentrate themselves in the liver to protect healthy liver cells and replace old cells with healthy ones. Another side benefit is that milk thistle also helps improve digestion especially for the elderl

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