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Flesh eating bacteria

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Claims Another Victim in Florida

Written by Joseph Mercola, D.O., Ph.D. As temperatures along the coastal waters of the U.S. get warmer, cases of flesh-eating bacteria continue to rise. The flesh-eating disease — medically known as necrotizing fasciitis — recently claimed a Florida woman’s life, who died just days after walking along a popular Gulf of Mexico beach near her […]

sugary drinks

Documents Expose How Tobacco Companies Hook Kids On Sugary Drinks

By Arjun Walia The Facts: Documents obtained by researchers clearly outline the unethical and immoral actions tobacco companies used to ‘hook’ kids onto sugary drinks. They use the same tactics they did for smoking. Reflect On: Why do (and have) our federal health regulatory agencies allow such products to be approved as safe for consumption when […]


Toxic Weedkiller Dicamba Drift Damages Crops Across America

Roughly 383,000 acres of soybean crops have been injured by the weed-killer dicamba as of June 2018, according to the University of Missouri plant sciences professor, Kevin Bradley. Dicamba destroys everything it touches, other than the crops that are genetically engineered to withstand it. “Dicamba drift” is a well-known term associated with the herbicide because […]

school lunch

Why Are School Lunches Still So Unhealthy?

By Kelly Rose, Teesside University There are more than 91m school children worldwide now defined as living with obesity – and the UK is in the top 20 countries for obesity levels. In the UK, the obesity rate for children doubles during primary school years – and then increases again in secondary school. This is in part because teenagers in the UK consume […]

bernie sanders

This is socialism: Bernie Sanders’ campaign agrees to pay workers $15 per hour but only AFTER cutting their hours

If there was ever a fantastic example of how socialism really works, Congress’ most vocal and longest-serving socialist/communist, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, just provided it. In recent days, unionized workers for Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign began demanding that their candidate put his money where his mouth is and pay them $15 per hour — a big government ‘solution’ […]

child trafficking

Trump takes action against child trafficking foster care system, dealing huge blow to left-wing deep state pedophilia

Back in February, President Trump quietly signed into law the “Family First Prevention Services Act” which, when it finally comes into effect on October 1, will greatly curtail abuses within the foster care system that facilitate the child sex trafficking and pedophilia rings operated undercover by the evil, left-wing deep state. Family First will basically prioritize federal […]


Antidepressants linked to dementia: Mental meds may just trade one condition for another

Antidepressants and antihistamines are among the most common types of medications people take, and they belong to a class of drugs known as anticholinergics. These drugs can treat a variety of health problems, including COPD, asthma, depression, dizziness, gastrointestinal problems, overactive bladder, and the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Although they can be effective, a large new study has […]

florida water crisis

Army Corps Admits To Dumping Toxic Water Into Florida Estuaries Without Telling Public

By John Vibes Last week, during a meeting of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, an Army Corps of Engineers official admitted that the agency has been dumping toxic water from Lake Okeechobee into local estuaries without any warning to the public. For years, this has been an open secret among the area’s residents, who have […]


5G’s “Day Of Crisis Science”

By Catherine J. Frompovich Together, we’re calling on wireless companies (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile) and their sub-contractors (Crown Castle, ExteNet Systems and other antenna installers) to suspend the deployment of small cell wireless antennas near places where people live, work and play until such time as chronic, low level exposure to radio-frequency (RF) microwave radiation […]

Megan Rapinoe

US World Cup star, the radicalized Megan Rapinoe, shows America what life will be like under liberal rule

In the run through the World Cup, I was originally celebrating the USA women’s team and their success as an example of American excellence as a time when I felt the country needed this kind of symbolic victory. However, the star of the team, Megan Rapinoe, has so tarnished the reputation of the team that […]