Dr. Leonard Coldwell – Author of The Only Cancer Patient Cure – Radio interview Play back

Radio Interviewclick the link below

DR. LEONARD COLDWELL – Author The Only Cancer patient Cure

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  1. Denzel says:

    Right after my 40th birthday I was informed by my family doctor after having some chest X-rays that I had mild emphysema. I had smoked for 20 years. I kept smoking and started getting sick about 7 months later. I ended up in intensive care for six days in septic shock from double pneumonia and almost died. The minute I start to walk around my breathing gets bad. Even the oxygen doesn’t seem to help. I want to feel good, and alive and energetic besides, I have a 2 years old grandson and I want to watch him grow up. My search for alternative treatments for treating my emphysema eventually led me to some amazing researcher/herbal doctor called Dr Linda(Best Health Herbal Centre) who had made unbelievable advancements in the use of alternative treatments to actually “Reverse” diseases. This same researcher/herbal doctor was providing her patients with herbal supplements that restored the immune system. I followed suit once again purchasing emphysema herbal supplement. After 6 weeks of relentlessly taking of the emphysema herbal supplements twice each day i completely recovered from emphysema! All my symptoms are gone and Remaining positive helped me during this treatment.

  2. Barbara Pogany says:

    It is now August 2019 is your book The cure for cancer out? I have been diagnosed with breast lumps and do not want to do the burn and poison routine.
    Thank you, Barbara
    PS I am taking apricot dried seeds

  3. admin says:

    Please write in to ibmsinternational@startmail.com with all medical based questions. We cannot legally answer on here.

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