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cancer taking your power back sarah barendse


“You have cancer”… This has to be among the most dreaded phrases in the English language. A diagnosis of cancer is something you always think of as happening to someone else, but what if it did happen to you?  What would you do? How would you react? What happens now? Questions race through your mind. The […]


5 mistakes most people make when they get diagnosed with CANCER

There are a lot of things you might do when you’re diagnosed with cancer: worry incessantly, research nonstop, talk to family and friends, and probably do your fair share of crying. However, there are also several things you should be careful not to do when you’re first diagnosed if you want to give yourself a fighting chance […]


How to Cure Cancer without Chemotherapy or Surgery

About two years ago when I heard the news, that my aunt Kristin had an advanced stage of lung cancer, I was devastated. Everyone who knows her was too. My family immediately started praying for her and offered to help in anyway we could. When she announced that she was going to try some alternative […]

Cancer Treatments You Have Never Heard About Could Save Your Life!!

Cancer Treatments You Have Never Heard About Could Save Your Life!!

Let us start with three facts about cancer you have probably never heard before: 1) Cancer cells can be reverted into normal cells (more than 20 treatments which do this are described on this website), 2) Depending on the treatment that is chosen, “cure rates” for the same kind of cancer can range from 3% […]