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Coming soon - New updated website Dr. C


Exciting news from Dr. Leonard Coldwell and staff! Yes, Champions, we are in the middle of creating a brand new updated website that will be easier to navigate and faster loading for your viewing pleasure. When it goes live it will be right here at so no need to re-bookmark anything. We appreciate your […]


Your Loved One Could Potentially Still Be Alive! – Help Halt Censorship

This radical censorship has reached a dangerous level. The fact is that the blocking of what should be freely shared information is killing the people you care about. Have you lost a loved one to cancer? The sad fact is that it could potentially have been prevented. If they had access to the Cancer Patient Cure information […]

Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Tonight from 3:30 on Germany, (9:30 PM EST) Dr. Leonard Coldwell @Lnm tonight in the midlands

Tonight from 3:30 on Germany, (9:30 PM EST) Dr. Leonard Coldwell @Lnm tonight in the midlands… #DRC #LIKE #40 yrsdrc #ibm#drcoldwell

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Dr. C ends the lies and the hypocrisy of the mainstream media and alternative medicine (VIDEO)

Dr. C ends the lies and the hypocrisy of the mainstream media and alternative medicine.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show with Dr. Leonard Coldwell – The Only Answer To Cancer

In today’s show originally broadcast on December 15 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Dr. Leonard Coldwell, for a show entitled, “The Only Answer To Cancer.” We discussed: why Leonard (who is affectionately known as Dr. C), devoted his life to curing cancer; how Dr. C has cured over 66,000 patients; how our instinct is […]

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Introducing a new section of our website – Amy’s Articles!

Miss Amy is a natural health advocate and avid writer. She thrives on learning and sharing new alternative health knowledge with her friends, fans, and readers. Her mini-books are now available exclusively here on Please visit to open the pdf mini books! Happy reading! Check back often for new updated additions.    

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Getting Even with the Democratic Psychopath

In my Opinion, the neurotic, extreme, psychiatrically ill Democrats need instant professional treatment because I believe they are a danger to themselves and to others. Please listen to the Dr. Coldwell Opinion Radio Show. In this episode, I get even with this Trash.

Every cancer can be cured in weeks

Nearly 7 Million Views – Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks – Dr. Leonard Coldwell

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12 Toxins in Your Drinking Water

Water quality is a subject that’s been big news lately. Unfortunately, water quality issues are not a recent development. Industrial dumping, pesticide runoff, leaky storage tanks, and government mandates have created big problems. Let’s take a look at some of the nastiest water contaminants that may be pouring out of your faucet. Toxins in Your […]

Dr. C on air Sunday June 10th, 8am

Dr. C on air Sunday June 10th, 8am

Tune in Sunday, June 10th, 8 am! Sirus XM Channel 126.