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10 Survival skills everyone needs to know

As a prepper, you need to remember that survival skills are just as important as your supplies and gear. Even if you only have basic tools in your bag, having these 10 crucial skills will allow you to survive out in the wild. (h/t to (1) Firestarting If you know how to start a fire using […]


Is it edible? 3 easy steps to determine if you’ve found something edible in the wild

Preppers have a well-rounded set of skills and if they’re stuck in the wilderness, they have the know-how to survive for a couple of weeks or even longer. Do you know how to identify edibles if you’re lost while hiking or camping? Once you’re in a safe zone, triage your needs immediately. Remember the top 3 priorities for […]

Purify Water In The Wilderness – A Skill To Keep You Alive

Purify Water In The Wilderness – A Skill To Keep You Alive

By Kevin Steffey, Natural Blaze The truth of the matter is that no matter how much water you can find while you’re out in the wilderness, it will almost always need some level of purification before you ingest it. Even high in the mountains, with clear, running water directly near the source of a spring you […]