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Nutrition for lovely locks: Make your hair thicker naturally

Maintaining hair health goes beyond just using natural hair products — although those can be helpful, too. If you want to keep your hair thick and shiny naturally, follow a healthy diet and avoid using shampoos and conditioners that contain harmful chemicals. Hair health basics According to Andi Scarborough, stylist and co-owner of Framed salon in Santa […]


Is Fasting safe for Women? What you need to know about Intermittent Fasting…

There is recent debate about women and the safety of fasting. I reached out to intermittent fasting expert Brad Pilon, author of Eat Stop Eat to set the record straight for you, and here is what he had to say… “It IS TRUE that many women have had problems when they added fasting into their […]

mystery illness

“Mystery virus” spreading like wildfire across U.S. population, putting people in bed for a MONTH… is this a depopulation bioweapon experiment?

A cough can be rather annoying, especially when it keeps you up at night, but you can usually take comfort from knowing that it tends to run its course rather quickly and you’ll be back to normal in no time. Unfortunately, a new virus is going around that is turning what is normally a week-long […]


Slim isn’t enough: Post-menopausal women need to be fit too in order to avoid breast cancer risk

with a normal body mass index (BMI), but who have high amounts of body fat are more prone to breast cancer, a study presented to the American Association for Cancer Research found. This means that for post-menopausal women, it is not enough to be slim but to be fit as well in order to prevent breast cancer. The study was […]

Moderate to vigorous physical activity lowers the risk of premature death by 70% in women

Moderate to vigorous physical activity lowers the risk of premature death by 70% in women

Smoking is dangerous and causes a lot of deaths, but did you know that a lack of exercise or physical activity is just as dangerous for older women? Recent studies in Boston recommend at least 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity physical activity or 75 minutes a week of high-intensity aerobic activity, as well as muscle-strengthening […]

From posture to blood circulation, certain types of clothing can damage women’s health

From posture to blood circulation, certain types of clothing can damage women’s health

Is health being sacrificed in the name of style? According to consumer research by the British Chiropractic Association, this may be the case. From their findings, they discovered that almost three quarters or 73 percent of adults have suffered back pain that may have been caused by their wardrobe choices. One third or 33 percent of […]

saw palmetto

6 Benefits Of Saw Palmetto For Women

By Dr. Michael Kessler, DC Saw palmetto is a low-growing palm tree that is typically used as an herbal treatment for men with enlarged prostates. But research shows that it can also be beneficial for women, particularly when it comes to counteracting the physical manifestations of too much testosterone (i.e. baldness, acne, excess body hair, etc.) Let’s […]

Happily ever now

Happily Ever Now – May 7th, 2018 Join The Workshop and Expand Your World

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Menopause remedies designed to balance your hormones and help you lose weight naturally

Of all the discomforts that can accompany menopause – including insomnia, mood changes and hot flashes – the most frustrating of all may be unintended weight gain. The fact is: the lifestyle choices women successfully used to maintain healthy weight in their 20s and 30s may begin to fail in menopause. According to nationally recognized metabolism expert, […]

Happily Ever Now

Happily Ever Now – By Dr. Thomas Ianniello

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