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High-dose vitamin C can treat dengue fever and Zika virus

Nutritional therapies are simple low-cost methods of interrupting the transmission of various viral infections, as well as reducing one’s susceptibility to these diseases. Of particular note is the incredible healing power of vitamin C in reducing symptoms related to dengue fever, Zika virus, and similar infections. Dengue fever can be effectively reduced with vitamin C therapy. […]


Has everyone forgotten? The massive “Zika scare” was a fake science HOAX pushed by the entire establishment media… not a single retraction ever published

The Zika virus scare of summers past may have come and gone, but it should not be forgotten. After all, it was one of the greatest hoaxes pushed by the legacy media and their masters ever witnessed. After the initial frenzy died down, stories about the threat of Zika have all but been dropped by […]

After terrorizing America with Zika scaremongering, Washington Post now admits Zika virus doesn't cause brain deformities after all

After terrorizing America with Zika scaremongering, Washington Post now admits Zika virus doesn’t cause brain deformities after all

The entire leftist media is not merely dishonest and corrupt, their science writers are unbelievably stupid and ill-informed about nearly everything in the natural world. Today, after months of printing fear-inducing “Zika terrorism” stories that scared America half to death while convincing the government to funnel billions of dollars into Zika vaccine research for Big […]


Zika Hoax: 12,000 women infected with Zika, all gave birth to healthy babies

Evidence that the Zika virus causes birth defects is weak at best, as most studies linking the two are based on “epidemiological statistics, not rigorous scientific studies of cause and effect,” as the Health Ranger observed in recent months. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that Zika, transmitted primarily through the Aedes […]


Exclusive: Miami residents being deliberately poisoned by toxic chemicals, mocked by media for daring to resist

EXCLUSIVE: A group of local business owners and citizen activists are gathering data in preparation for a lawsuit against a South Florida county in a bid to halt anti-mosquito spraying with a chemical some experts say is harmful to humans, wildlife and the environment, a resident involved in the effort said. In recent days about […]

zika scam

Zika Scam: U.S. to pay Japan over $300 MILLION to develop new Zika vaccine

If you’re someone looking to fleece the American taxpayer and the U.S. government out of hundreds of millions of dollars, one of the best ways to do it is to invent a medical crisis and promise to deliver a new vaccine “cure” for it. Someone in Japan figured out that this is a pretty good angle […]


Michigan city bureaucrats use Zika hysteria to criminalize puddles of water

For decades, bureaucrats and elected leaders in Detroit mismanaged the city’s finances to the point where retirement and other benefits far surpassed the tax base and led to the largest urban bankruptcy in recent history. Now, more bureaucrats and elected officials in a nearby city want to punish city residents further – by essentially criminalizing […]


Zika EATS YOUR BRAIN, warn scientists in the latest Zika fear mongering campaign to sweep the media

Please protect your brain. You’ll need it to participate in all the laughter and hilarity now spontaneously appearing everywhere in society as medical propagandists spread outlandish scare stories about Zika. Their latest ploy? Claiming that Zika virus can now eat the brains of adults and cause people to descend into babbling, obedient idiots. Hilariously, as […]

Ebola, Swine Flu, Zika, SARS – The Anatomy of a False Flag Disease

Ebola, Swine Flu, Zika, SARS – The Anatomy of a False Flag Disease

There’s no better example of the deceptive world we live in than the manufacture of a disease. Epidemic or pandemic, whether it’s the zika virus or others such as ebola, swine flu, bird flu, SARS… all these diseases share a number of common repetitive patterns throughout their deceptive histories. So, here are 10 common repetitive […]

FDA Will Likely Release GM Mosquitoes North of Key West

FDA Will Likely Release GM Mosquitoes North of Key West

Genetically modified mosquitoes designed to limit the spread of the Zika virus will likely soon be unleashed in the southern United States, as the federal government said today decided to permit a field test in the Florida Keys. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it had made a preliminary determination that the GM mosquitoes are […]